RPS and Employee Claims Agreement

Are you in funds on a case and require the RPS and Employee Claims agreeing?

Has that troublesome RPS proof of debt been sat in your in-tray, and needs agreeing to process a dividend to creditors.

If that is the case, then IPERA are here to help.

Our case workers are experienced in this area and are happy to assist and agree the relevant dividend for distribution.

Here is how IPERA can help you close cases faster...

Agree the RPS claims in the Insolvency

Prepare the RTI HMRC reports for the office holders

Agree the residual Employee claims above the capped rates

Provide a point of contact to the former employees querying their level of dividend

Here is why you should Outsource some of your responsibilities to IPERA...

Reduce interaction with employee calls and emails.

Work in progress write off reduced.

Regular case progression meetings with Office Holders.

Fully compliant with your statutory obligations.


Our Promise

We understand the need to be on hand, immediately and to provide valuable support and knowledge at the critical time. We are responsive, sympathetic but focussed on the need to deal with issues that need dealing with at the outset on Insolvency.

What we charge...

So as to ensure there are no unexpected costs and to allow budgeting of disbursements, our charges are set out in a fee scale linked to the number of employees we are asked to look after;

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