We take care of the employees, so you can get on with what you do best!

We are geared specifically to the provision of advice and support to our Insolvency Practitioner clients with, the post-redundancy claims process.

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Instead of allowing the justifiable concerns of redundant employees to distract you from an effective appointment


Pass them over to us and we will make sure their statutory and personal needs are dealt with


Every case will be dealt with promptly, sympathetically and professionally


Ring us, a few days ahead, of the appointment date and we will attend the appointment with you and be there, from the outset, to take this burden away from you.


Specialist support organisation, such as IPERA, will be an effective and efficient way to optinise your time in the protection and realisation of assets and the generation of returns.

Here is how we can help you...

Leave the legwork to us and focus on what you do best.

Streamline your process and deliver larger cases.

Scale up and down with ease, with our commitment free service.


Who We Are

Headed up by Jamie King, an experienced and highly regarded specialist, our team take the administrative burden out of your hands allowing our clients to execute their appointment and protect the valuable assets of the business.


Our Promise

We understand the need to be on hand, immediately and to provide valuable support and knowledge at the critical time. We are responsive, sympathetic but focussed on the need to deal with issues that need dealing with at the outset on Insolvency.

What we charge...

So as to ensure there are no unexpected costs and to allow budgeting of disbursements, our charges are set out in a fee scale linked to the number of employees we are asked to look after;

When we get involved...

Seamless Intergation

As soon as the appointment is made, or is planned to be made, we join your team to make sure we have access to all the information we require to take the pressure off of you with regards to the welfare of the employees where, understandably, their pressing need for re-assurance is high on the agenda.

Trusted Partner

We will come along with you, if required and deal with these issues, leaving you to execute your appointment and secure the valuable assets and information of the business.


Thereafter we provide ongoing support, by phone or Teams/Zoom and access to our files, records and calculations.

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